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Since Sunday something on and has been making my browser (Firefox 2) crash immediately.  Works fine in MSIE. I assume it's "markovlove." Just FYI.
--Bill the Splut Mon Aug 17 15:55:37 2009
Weird. Updating jave didn't make a difference, FF still crashes.
--Bill the Splut Mon Aug 17 16:13:29 2009
Er, why are you only on FF2? 3.5 is great, and I think they say less of a hog.
--Kirk Mon Aug 17 17:08:25 2009
Or you could get Opera :P
Seen this, Kirk:
--Nick Tue Aug 18 04:39:16 2009
Been doing the hipster chrome thing myself.
--Kirk Tue Aug 18 06:50:49 2009
I love FF2's "restore last session" thing, so that I don't have to open 4 windows on 4 different pages manually. FF3 doesn't have that.

Name a browser that does, and hellz yeh I'm on it!
--Bill the Splut Tue Aug 18 19:17:48 2009
Chrome has an Option you can set so that, instead of the default Chrome-style home page, you can "Restore the pages that were open last" -- will that convert you?
--some_chick (Amber) Tue Aug 18 21:26:06 2009
Opera does that automagically. Opera does everything automagically. Its tiny market share is depressing considering it is by far the most feature rich and standards compliant browser.
In my humble biased opinion.

Everything that people need extensions to do in Firefox, Opera does it natively and, usually, better. And then there's a hell of a lot that extensions can't even replicate. So yeah, Opera is where it's at for me :)
Firefox is cool though, I can see why people are reluctant to relearn the whole browser thing for what must at first appear to be only a minor improvement.
--Nick Wed Aug 19 10:04:53 2009
Hey, thanks for Opera! Looks nice, loads fast--just wish any browser had an "import bookmarks" feature that loaded them the way they were saved, instead of at random!
--Bill the Splut Wed Aug 19 14:47:07 2009

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