yo logo!
The Autobot logo looks like robot Walter Matthau.
--Leonard Fri Aug 21 12:38:31 2009
--Kirk Fri Aug 21 14:43:17 2009
Looks like a gorgeous sunny day Carraol. I have to laugh, when I click onto your blog and look at your phoots, it takes a few seconds before the music kicks in and it always makes me jump haha!
--Ian Thu Mar 7 04:07:00 2013
Just so you know. At present, the event cenaldar doesn't show anything not already shown on the home page to the right side bar. In fact, on the right side bar, it is broken out into upcoming God Rock services and upcoming rehearsals whereas here, it is all-in-one without distinguishing between them.
--Liya Thu Mar 7 04:07:03 2013

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