wedding and road
Last picture, looks like a fire in the woods or in the city. Is that what Vanilla Sky means?
--The_Lex Mon Aug 24 12:48:03 2009
First, crazy fundies claim that <a href="">a lightning strike on a pro-gay Lutheran church</a> meant that Gawd hates Fags, although the link says "I guess that lightning bolt that struck the convention center was a warning from god to the intolerant conservative wing of the church that he loves his sexy homosexual worshippers, too."

And now a double rainbow over a gay wedding! Weren't we told that Gawd would lay waste to Massachusetts when the marriage law was passed? I think Angry OT God must've retired and left his hippy kid Jeez in charge.
--Bill the Splut Mon Aug 24 17:07:52 2009
Yeah, one of my favorite rhetorical shticks, corny as it is, when in some kind of online argument about it is to be like "yeah, sometimes when I look over the smoldering ruin of Massachusetts, still smelling faintly from ozone where an angry righteous god smote the state after legalizing gay mar--- oh wait that didn't happen"
--Kirk Tue Aug 25 10:38:54 2009
Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on throguh.
--Jeneva Thu Jul 28 23:31:08 2011
Hey, that post leaves me feeling folisoh. Kudos to you!
--Jonnie Mon Aug 1 18:18:41 2011
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