lego dreams
That's such a cool page!
I hate the deletionist culture of Wikipedia. 'If we can do without it, we should get rid of it'.
The corruption and mismanagement. I worked so hard to save the article for the webcomic Gone With The Blastwave. Any regular person would see that it easily fit in with the notability guidelines (its main claim to fame was that it was published in a European magazine). I spent so long fighting and arguing, and about half the people were on the 'keep' side, and half on the 'delete' side, yet an admin came along, said that the majority wanted to delete it, and then he deleted it. Just like that.
And now we've lost that knowledge for no good reason.
It probably seems like a minor, petty thing. But it broke my heart and I left wikipedia after that.
--Nick Sat Aug 29 00:30:59 2009
Heh love all the Farscape words though.
That was such a weirdly brilliant show.
--Nick Sat Aug 29 00:34:53 2009

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