Me, too.
--YELM Wed Sep 9 10:51:22 2009
Thank you, nephew -
Crap - you made me cry.
Stop it!
But thank you.

--YELAS Wed Sep 9 16:12:22 2009

Bring home some large hotdogs, beer, and some brown sugar and I'll whip some up for us tonight.
--YELAS Wed Sep 9 16:16:00 2009
The link for "essay" doesn't work, and I'd sure like to read it...
--Bill the Splut Wed Sep 9 16:32:03 2009
Bill, "essay" is (now fixed) the same link as "kind of tribute".

See also: http://kisrael.com/2007/09/23/ :-)
--Kirk Thu Sep 10 08:37:42 2009

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