portugal: torre de belém e marcos
Hugs to Marcos!
--YELM Fri Sep 25 09:01:33 2009
From me too!
And even more hugs for Johnny for putting up with you for a week!
And Kirk - you've brought back so many neat memories (pictoral) from the 10 days I spent in Lisbon - let's see - TWELVE years ago.
--YELAS Fri Sep 25 10:35:41 2009
--Secret Admirer Fri Sep 25 14:02:04 2009
Thanks for the vicarious vacation.
--xoxoxo Bruce Fri Sep 25 22:08:34 2009
Mrs. 'Kirk's Aunt', it really was my pleasure. Kirk is an easy guest.
--Johnny Sat Sep 26 07:34:57 2009

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