portugal: berardo museum / aqueduct / bica
Oh, the bakery, I remember that from my clubbing days! Did tey tell you about the surf shop? Right next door to them was a surf shop called "The poet lives next door" - sounds better in Portuguese actually. Kirk bei nacht, something to behold! I'm so glad you got to spend time with them.
--Johnny Sat Sep 26 06:49:20 2009
[BTW, the fish are mullets. Some people actually eat them. Some people also bathe in the Ganges, so what do I understand about the world.]
--Johnny Sat Sep 26 07:02:30 2009
Please don't bring any of those fish home as souvenirs - even Isis would take a pass.
See you tomorrow!
--YELAS Sat Sep 26 08:08:16 2009

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