portugal: sintra
Gosh but she looks just like him! I told you - TOLD YOU! - you'd like Sintra, very happy I really am prescient. Assorted: those are 'queijadas de Sintra' you are eating. Portugal is a very expensive country all around, so no shocker really. Football is absolute bollocks. Elections right before Yom Kippur is cruel but thanks for the reminder - shows you how much I have indeed been reflecting. Kindly warn the readership at large the next time you decide to post doll's pics, please, I still need to sleep. Some day. Probably never, now. Also, read: IKEA. (BTW, does the boy really have an Anglo name, or is it Tomás?) (2nd tutor loved thesis. Actually, what he said was, the subject was excruciatingly dull - teeth! I ask you! Clearly, no taste - and gave him one of the worst days of his life but it was very well researched and written. I should write you an email, i know, but it's 5 am and I just finished adding his corrections and am knackered and can't be bothered, sorry abt that) (I'll miss the daily 'Lisbon through foreigner's eyes' pics, could you possibly pretend you're still here? Cheers!)
--Johnny Sat Sep 26 23:15:20 2009
Hee. Alright, corrected the name (not sure but you're most likely right) and the queijadas... again thanks for all the hosting!
--Kirk Mon Sep 28 09:43:05 2009
Oh, it wasn't meant for correction, I was simply curious abt the anglocised version. And 'queijadas' was just fyi. Also, dude, stop thanking me already! I gave you shelter and "food", you brought me enough MAC's Frankly Scarlet to last me a decade, equilibrium all around.
--Johnny Tue Sep 29 03:15:19 2009

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