portugal: back to boston
They have to use a shuttlebus system to keep people from wandering around the flight line.
--xoxoxoBruce Mon Sep 28 22:21:14 2009
No, I mean, what would the regulation be stopping them from using "normal" gate-attached-to-the-airport? I could understand the structure/capacity of the airport forcing it, maybe the regulation is relevant to that?
--Kirk Tue Sep 29 06:56:54 2009
I doubt it has anything to do with them not having jet-port gates. Usually that's room/money constraints.
At airports like Atlanta, where some airlines have jet-port gates and others don't, it's money/politics. Home field advantage for the bigger customers.
--xoxoxoBruce Wed Sep 30 22:02:31 2009
Yeah, I figured it was something like that. Like maybe the "regulations" concern minimum space/capacity things.
--Kirk Fri Oct 2 07:58:49 2009

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