portugal 2009
I'm glad to see you made it home safely. I'd ask about your jetlag but after not seeing it at all while you were here, and after noticing how fast the home office became quiet after the light was turned off (it took what, all of 3 seconds?) I'm not really worried.

(Will hand in theses today, all 4 copies. Cannot wait to spread the word about Zombie Rat.)
--Johnny Tue Sep 29 03:12:03 2009
Yeah, the other thing re: jetlag is that my life in Portugal (and the Andrades) sometimes ran like 3-5 hours after my normal life here anyway - sleep from 2-12 there, sleep maybe 11-7 here.

Plus, right, I always have mad fall-asleep skills (and with those blackout shutters at your place, I gained mad sleep-in skills as well.)

Maybe email me a copy of the Zombie Rat photo? I'm not sure if I'd embed it right in the page, but it would be a delightful link for a few of my friends who find that kind of thing delightful.
--Kirk Tue Sep 29 06:55:32 2009

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