dirty jokes: the newlywed trilogy
d8fm1i Yeah, it is clear now !... From the very beginning I did not understand where was the connection with the title !!...
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Hi AiM,Happy to contribute some input on urban shotniog tips and ideas or some home studio projects to pass those rainy days when your stuck at home.Davy.
--Tatyana Thu Mar 7 06:19:21 2013
Hi Tara!! We had the privledge of enatig at your parents home on St. Patty's Day; we NEVER turn a Laura meal down, and we had your Guiness Brownies. They were out of this world! Ricco claimed he doesn't like brownies but he sure did a lot of taste testing to realize he was wrong  I told both Jess & Ash about sugar,spice&bacon so now we all can get some fantasic recipes. Way to keep the family tradition strong. So good talking with you last night. Luv ya, Sue
--Gatot Fri Apr 12 07:38:27 2013

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