it's been a fast four years
That's way the bestest ansewr so far!
--Pokey Wed Apr 27 16:54:37 2011
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that if he could tell by a whiff that a piece of meat is spoiled,overall, he woludn't take the time to try to pick out the good pieces to eat from the rottenness. This isn't a, eat the meat, spit out the bones, situation. Maybe not to your liking but there is nothing in the Scripture that says we cane2€™t act like children with the Lord every once in a while. We can (and do) act like kids from time to time. But there's a big difference between doing that infrequently and it being an ongoing way of worship, that promises people supernatural healing. And, there's 1 Corinthians 13 to temper this. I mean for Gods sakes we are e2€œHIS KIDS ARENe2€™T WE?e2€9d Some of us are, and some are described in 1 John as being children of the devil. We have to be cautious. Just because someone proclaims to be Christian does not make him a Christian. CS
--Syaiful Tue Jan 8 06:51:50 2013

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