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Oops one day behind. Life got in the way So today .I ran aruond a classroom/playground trying to keep my cool and treat all the little toddlers with the respect that I would want. Finished up my lesson plan, made a lighthouse for the board outside our classroom,and came up with two new songs about the beach. Came home, looked at apartments. Cut up watermelon/made bacon for Kevin while simultaneously making hard boiled eggs and my lunch for tomorrow, cleaned the kitchen and put on a fragrance simmer. My future outcomes of this day .The toddlers will move into their new classroom and not be wild ruffians and will be able to communicate their needs, will understand that there are repercussions to their actions, and start their school years off on a good foot because I'm not yelling in their face all day. I'll hopefully continue to grow and be more creative in the lesson plans and art projects I create for the kids.The relationship I have with Kevin will continue to develop in a positive manner as long as I take the time out to make sure his needs are met .and I'll be in better shape due to a nutritious lunch. There. Did I do it right?
--Fabien Tue Sep 17 04:29:09 2013

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