i <3 the orange line
Confirmation! Mom arrives Wednesday, November 25, 6:21 PM, Back Bay Station.
--YELM Thu Nov 12 11:54:24 2009
It's when you PLAN to arrive ;-)

(Man plans, God laughs, etc)

Come to think of it it's a bit like a secular sprinkling of "God Willing" everywhere.
--Kirk Thu Nov 12 13:53:55 2009
How well I know.
Actually, that's when AmTrak plans for me to be there.
--YELM Thu Nov 12 16:43:10 2009
Re: Zen perspective....the Christian take on that is "Do everything as unto the Lord.".
--YELM Thu Nov 12 16:44:25 2009
This is my first week on this program. Hoping to break 4 hours for the Marine Corps Marathon this October.60 KB swgins, rx56 box jumps, rx26 KB push press (tried two @ 1.5 pood for 10 reps, then had to switch to two @ 35lbs for duration.)59 calories on the row.4 800 @ around 3 mins (no watch; had to check the phone.)Hoping this works out long term.
--Abhinn Fri Jan 18 07:54:47 2013
Hi Kaitlin, thank you for the quick reply.My back is better I just need to caeufrl with heavy lifting. Running and conditioning are fine as long as I spend plenty of overtime stretching out my quads, calves and hips.Could you recommend good reading to help me learn about better mechanics. I will be purchasing a pair of inov-8s soon to help.Thank youLeo
--Alexandra Fri Jan 18 07:54:47 2013
Hey Steve,I train with power as well and i usually go with a 5-10Watt rule. I think it also depndes on the length of the interval which I consider duing my repeats and how strict I am with my pwr ranges.Sometimes its fun to tape over the pwr reading and just look at the file afterwards. I have learned a lot this way.
--Joanna Fri Jan 18 07:54:47 2013
Hats off to whoeevr wrote this up and posted it.
--Essence Mon Sep 16 09:49:31 2013

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