a long time ago (the 70s) in a galaxy far far away (u of i, chicago)
This site is like a calssorom, except I don't hate it. lol
--Gytha Mon Aug 1 03:23:33 2011
That inigsht's perfect for what I need. Thanks!
--Lola Tue Jan 3 18:43:12 2012
All of my horses (an assetrmont of paints, QH's, Appys and TB's) are blanketed at night for now and rug-free during the day. I live in the Carolina's, so it is still pretty nice in the day here. It depends on your geographical location and climate based on that. Horses can face the cold better than they can face over heating, so I would say do not blanket your horse when you are having to ask.
--Salem Fri Jan 18 10:52:23 2013

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