javadvent calendar day 15
.I used to have a blog. I don't anymore bcasuee nobody except for me cared. And if all I am doing is entertaining myself, why waste my time putting it onto a blog? What made me believe that nobody cared about what I had to write? What told me that nobody cared about the comics I was drawing? Nobody talked to me about reading what I had written. Nobody told me that they were reading it. Nobody left comments.I feel your pain.I then tried Facebook to display my drawings (since it has been proven time and time again that nobody reads anything I have to write). I have been only marginally more successful. I'll get a comment here or there, which is better than nothing. But, when I see a friend, who is working on the same project as me, receive 15 comments to my two, I go back into doubting the effort but it also makes me appreciate those two people who took the time to let me know that I'm not wasting my time.Feel no guilt in restoring your lost comments. They are badges of honor. (Craig).
--Mustaq Wed Mar 14 15:49:43 2012

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