javadvent calendar day 16
I like ginger squares 'cuz I think you get more frosting! Yummy!
--YELM Wed Dec 16 08:32:04 2009
AND - the best part is - if you keep making squares inside of squares, you get mostly frosting - which - since I don't like ginger - is even better.

--YELAS Wed Dec 16 12:25:45 2009
[insert insulin joke here]
--Kirk Wed Dec 16 13:58:00 2009
Guys,Just passed ICND1 with 868 Guys i just wanna thknas of all.Though there are a lot of new questions were asked but above dumps & PS4 2.87/3 is really helped a lot Simple advise dont just rely on dumps 1st go through CBT nuggets then practice the dumps & P4s 
--Christine Sun Nov 24 04:34:22 2013
I know this sounds sargnte but one of the things that made it with me when I moved from France to the US was my grandmother's cake stand like this. You may laredy know this but we use them for petits fours and other small bites. We call them chevalier which means knight because their duty is just like that of knights in the Middle Ages: to serve.In France it used to be one of the mandatory items on a bride's wedding registry.These are gorgeous!
--Asif Mon Nov 25 02:27:26 2013

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