javadvent calendar day 17
I'm diggin your advent calendar. cheers!
--Felicia Thu Dec 17 16:35:40 2009
Wow  that is really cool! I rmebmeer exactly the same excitement when I was a kid. We used to have lovely Advent Calendars that my Grandmother sent over from Germany (they just had pictures behind the doors, except for the last year or two when they had little chocolates, which was a real treat for us as we didn't have chocolate often in our house!). The lead up to Christmas was always so exciting as a kid. It's nice here in Germany (more Christmassy' than in Australia) but it's not so enjoyable for me as an adult. I really think having kids to enjoy it with would give Christmas a whole new shine. I hope you have a lovely Christmas!
--Anny Wed Mar 14 07:08:54 2012
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Dear Pirouz 2.0, Well thank you for confirming the point I made eielrar. It is my pleasure. Well thank you once again for confirming my point, we can see the generous “humanitarian” donations of lockheed martin, McDonnell Douglas and Dassault Aviation raining down on Libya. You are making a different point here. I spoke about the principles of humanitarian intervention, where as you seem to have a problem with the arms industry. Explain to me why you are fine with Gaddafi's weapons raining down on the Libyan people. quite contrary to you who think the British system is a “well oiled and well lubricated” democracy. Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but it is. If you could be so kind as to spend some of your valuable time explaining why it is not, I would be eternally thankful. But if you are too busy reading something else, then I totally understand, and apologise in advance for making such a wild request. Based on your version of pseudohistory You have to put aside your inferiority complex for one minute, and take into account the dire state that Iran was in in the late 19th/early 20th century. Iran  sorry, Persia  did not have a strong centralised government, its military could not protect its borders, its lazy, uninterested monarchy had sold off practically every single corner of the country to foreign powers, and it had an uneducated, disease-infested population. Reza Shah managed to put some order to the country, although not enough, as Iran was effectively invaded a few years later.The men you mention were victims of circumstance, and unfortunately Iran has a bloody history of assassinating its roshan-fekrs, or sending them into exile. This is not a problem confined to one specific period of history, this is a continuous curse that holds Iran back from maturing politically.Anyway, my original post that we are referring to described a brief time-line of foreign interference in Iran. You have managed to pick out a single point I made, rather than the whole context. Clutching at straws does no justice. you on the other hand have only slandered me. Calling you a Marxist is not slander. Why is it that Marxists are so sensitive about being called out for what they are? Otherwise, I did not slander you at all. By the way, who do you think you are to ask people for their CV before your majesty would allow them to express their opinion? And where is your CV anyway, Mr.-demand-is-infinite-in-a-capitalist-society? I am fully entitled to ask whatever I want, and people are fully entitled to answer/not answer. When people are bamboozled into saying that they are too busy to reply to something, and need to catch up on their reading instead, then they are fully entitled to do so. That is an answer in itself to be honest, but not a very convincing one. And there are many Americans here who make sweeping, neo-orientalist statements about the Middle East, even though they have practically no experience/knowledge of the region. I like to point them out.By the way, the infinite demand/finite supply problem is essentially the what is the meaning of life? question, but for capitalist economics. It cannot get any more fundamental, and as a result I wonder if you have actually studied economics. I have tried putting it into different contexts to help you understand, but to no avail as of yet. Let me try replacing the word infinite with perpetual, and see how that works with you. LOL…please Pak….you are not in a position to insult anyone’s intelligence on this site. I know, that is why I specifically said that I will avoid insulting your intelligence. Here is some advice to you: stop getting so aggressive. This is a virtual discussion, so throwing binary punches at me only makes you look frustrated, and I hate to wonder why you are frustrated.
--Walkiria Fri Nov 22 19:32:00 2013

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