javadvent calendar day 20
I'm enjoying your javascript creations very much :)
I would like to see you make a proper mini game though, that would be great. Like that angel thing you made a few days ago but with a proper start and finish.

Are you very un-busy? If so can you help me with some Javascript? I'm the web designer for a comic and I think we want to do a special javascript thing in a future comic but I'm not entirely sure how to do it. You would be credited. If you would like to help please let me know :)
--Niklaus Sun Dec 20 04:59:20 2009
Hi Niklaus -
Glad you like it! And yeah, I get a bit lazy about the "proper start and finish" things.
Technically these aren't javascript, but java, but I know both (they are a bit similar but not really related.)
Email me and we can talk about javascript help!
--Kirk Sun Dec 20 12:34:06 2009

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