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16Lsks Youth rock band "Ranetki" says thank you for such a wonderful blog..!!
--Buy oem Software Sat Feb 11 04:42:16 2012
I totally urdnnstaed your frustrations, Martin  I too bought one of the early Dension devices, loved it and hated it all at once. I still have it, but replaced my head unit with an Alpine system that has a direct iPod connection. It was fantastic by comparison, giving me total control over the iPod, showing track titles in the display and everything you would expect. However, I bought a new car, and am back to a factory fitted iPod interface which happens to be another Dension ICE>Link d'oh! I have got two of them now.The latest one works reasonably well, so I am not going to update firmware or anything. I have at least one iPod hat it works with, and whilst I don't get track names appearing (I can't believe that still isn't sorted) I do at least get control of the iPod through the head unit.Eventually I will get fed up with some aspect of it and search for an alternative. The trouble is, there are precious few choices available that can fit to the factory head unit. I then have to decide if it is worth while dismantling it all and starting again, and compromising on something else that currently works well.Never easy, eh?
--Ildete Sat Jul 7 15:50:06 2012

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