ring-ing in the new year
Isn't 2010 the end of the decade and 2011 the beginning of the next?
There was no year zero was there?
--xoxoxoBruce Sun Jan 3 13:01:51 2010
No, the first decade just had 9 years only, or 1 BC did double duty. (Since no one was using this calendar, I think it's ok to pay attention to 2nd digit from the right, and celebrate the carry propogation, like sane people are wont to do)

--Kirk Sun Jan 3 16:33:36 2010
That does NOT look sterile. I assume your aftercare includes sea salt soaks and a ranch dip every other day?
--Cordelia Mon Jan 4 07:37:04 2010
Heh, well-stated.

(In truth I was strictly admonished to clean the teething ring after...)
--Kirk Mon Jan 4 08:35:07 2010
Oh, is that what it is? Looked like an onion ring.
--Cordelia Tue Jan 5 11:34:54 2010
oh wow, you thought I had a real septum piercing? (or a very sturdy onion ring)
--Kirk Tue Jan 5 14:03:02 2010
Sturdy onion ring. :) Somehow you and a septum ring seem incompatible.
--Cordelia Wed Jan 6 08:38:21 2010

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