under the sea
lived with the inevitability that tadgery would find its way to their own doorsteps and dealt with the overwhelming sorrow and loss once it did.But this book's real value lies in the account it gives of the political machinations required to pass even the simplest safety legislation. Public policy instructors would be well-advised to read this book and consider it for use in their own courses. It's sausage making at its most gut-wrenching worst.
--jenny Sat Mar 17 01:18:52 2012
tsOS1M This is one awesome blog. Cool.
--link building Thu Oct 24 08:22:55 2013
Light painting with a flsghliaht! Brilliant! That's the kind of solid gold photography tricks I've been hoping to learn from you! It's obvious there was something different in the lighting in that photo, but I couldn't figure out what it was. I will keep that trick in mind for the next opportunity to try it. I just bought a new flsghliaht that arrived this week, so the timing is perfect for flsghliaht lighting tricks I have gotten one evening photo with similar strong blue cloudy sky. I'm not sure what causes that, but it shows up pretty frequently in one of my secret photography spots. It's so vivid, it's easy to assume that it must be some trick like a filter, but I've seen it happen naturally myself at low latitudes.Norway is an amazing place. The location, the landscape, and the locals are all exceptional. It's a good place for a photographer to make amazing photos, even from a family vacation
--Maya Fri Nov 22 03:38:17 2013

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