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--Microsoft OEM Software Wed Mar 7 21:17:20 2012
If the title was stripped from the arftwsoe and I was asked to do a blind test on it, testing it, I would be convinced after giving it a full run this was a newly introduced arftwsoe from all of the unresponsive and quirky behavior I experienced. It actually fights against your actions: you can try, and I say try, to copy and paste somethings and it will not do it, or it will jump your cursor some other place. And one of the persons responsible for it has a control-issue as this person wants to shove his/her idea of the perfect font, calibri/cambria, onto everyone, every single time, at the line spacing he/she wants. Every time you open up a new document, the font is Cambria/Calibri and set at 11. So if you like times new roman or Arial and 12 points, you have to each time reset it, you can't just start typing. This is a major time-consuming irritation. In addition, another programmer had a wicked streak by making every document start with 10 points after each line and multiple lines setting, so you have to go in an reset the line spacing EACH time to single spacing if you want it, and the worse of it is, you can't just do several changes at once it will jump you out of each change, so you have to go back several times to change line spacing or font attributes, making this a Productivity Stripper. Now if after my blind test, I saw this was a 2010 version of Word, I would say Microsoft has accomplished to take a workable program and put it backwards by 2010 steps. Meanness? Arrogance? Greed to spit out something new for an excuse to get people to buy more? Whatever, it is worth stomping on the box, and the disc if you get it only, and keep on using your older Word programs. The only people who would shell out after using it, might be those who created important documents to them in the new .docx extension and can't get it to open in their older word programs. That is another thing, Microsoft has created an extension that can only be opened by the new one, as maybe a marketing ploy to force people to buy this buggy program in order to open some document given to them by someone else they want to read. Word of the wise: just tell those folks to resave it in .doc instead of .docx and you can save yourself a lot of grief using this pretty-looking but impractical, aggravating newer version of Word.
--Hehe Wed Mar 14 14:16:11 2012
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