tell me again about the rabbit, george
Superior thinikng demonstrated above. Thanks!
--Polly Tue Apr 26 20:37:49 2011
in the meeting last month, 'Li Bai was very good at Yuefu (folksong-style peecis), Chinese ottavas and quartrains. we guys today can hardly surpass him in these fields. every time he visited a town, he celebrated the girls there'.my second thought: he could be sincere. i was a civil servant here; i had quite a few english-speaking collegues. they told me: when u are drunk, u find all the chicks (SIC) goodlooking.FENG Xiang has read medieval English-French-German literatures, and submitted a PhD thesis on Chaucer at Havard, is now a practicing lawyer in the US. he highly esteems Verlaine's late erotic poems (Zhengfa biji. Nanjing people's P: 2004, available at the law library, HKU). they were dedicated to commonplace women in the Paris brasseries.a reader familiar w/ french renaissance love poetry would not be the dark, all cats are black.--a common saying in English, french and german after Hegel.FOK Wai-hung, dec 23, 2008
--Sltan Sun Nov 24 04:23:45 2013
AKAIK yovu'e got the answer in one!
--Laxman Mon Nov 25 02:20:46 2013

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