the ballad of pink five
I hope you like your laptop. I don't really understand why there is a market for <18" laptops because the size removes a lot of the portability of it, and a similar spec desktop is half the price, but I'm sure you know what you are doing :)

Aero style translucent borders in CSS? That's such a good idea (though I guess it would have to be highly modifiable or else it would get old fast).

The CSS feature I'm currently most looking forward to is one to make borders rounded. Firefox has implemented its own version but I want the CSS people to make it a standard feature.
--Niklaus Tue Jan 19 02:42:08 2010
I assume you mean > 18", not less?

It's not super portable, and like only one of my bags even fits it. It's more like the old luggable days. *BUT* - the screen suffices so I don't have this eager urge to use an external monitor, I think that's the sweet spot.
--Kirk Tue Jan 19 07:21:42 2010

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