cocktails for two
Blast from the past! Your Papa Sam loved Spike Jones, an I think I recall some 78 rpm records in the house. I may have seen that video before, but didn't recall the drag closing!
--YELM Wed Feb 3 08:32:21 2010
Thank you for the kind words Brian and as a Dinocrat, I do bveelie SecState Reed should have HELD back certification and enforced his own rules.Now obviously, I don't think ALL Democrats are corrupt - but a large, whopping majority of Gregocrats (Dems for Gregoire) ARE. Or at least amoral.Sadly, so appears Secretary Reed... or he's just plain lackadasical.    
--Alex Mon Feb 13 02:12:47 2012
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--Buy Cheap OEM Software Wed Mar 7 21:47:20 2012
It started life as a pond pnudidg with a currant and sugar filling. The pastry on a good pond pnudidg is supposed to break apart when you turn it out because it is loaded with juice. I then had the idea of creating a pnudidg with a savoury filling.
--Chaitugadu Sat Jul 7 17:39:20 2012

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