no show snow
At last, soemnoe comes up with the "right" answer!
--Chacidy Wed Apr 27 06:05:22 2011
you must find a style for yourself. Every body that play giuatr and get famous has a slow and down with pick and like singing get the left hand shaking to making romantic sounds and etc. you can check the video of your favourite giuatrist. focus on it's hand and do it so!
--Sergey Sat Jul 7 14:49:08 2012
I definitely use line nurembs fairly regularly, but that one must not bother me enough to turn it on. If I need a current line number, by default, the cursor's line number is shown on the IDE status bar (bottom right: Ln ## ; still there in VS2012). Going the other way, any time I need to find a line by number, I just mash the Ctrl+G shortcut for Go To .
--Jinky Fri Nov 22 08:48:07 2013

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