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On Friday, when I heard the weekend weather forecast, I told one of my office colleagues that you would be pulling out the sandals!
--YELM Sun Mar 7 16:22:33 2010
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Review by ja for Rating: This cable will allow you to charge a Motorola W766 cell phone from the USB port of a pnroseal computer, but not from a dumb USB terminal like on a power strip.  But to make it work you have to download a free USB and PC Charging Driver from the Motorola website. Without this driver the phone will display the error message unuathorized charger (which is why a dumb USB terminal on a power strip won't work). The driver definitely works with Windows XP and Windows Vista 32 bit operating systems.I gave it three stars because my intention had been to plug it into my travel power supply Kensington K38032US Portable Power Outlet with 3 Wall Outlets and 2 USB Power Ports because my notebook computer obviously has limited USB ports, but that didn't work. But it does work from one of the computer's USB ports after I loaded the driver, and that is still better than hauling the phone's AC wall charger along on a business trip, especially considering the low price of this cable (under $3 with shipping).
--Nihal Fri Apr 6 01:54:03 2012

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