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--Adelie Sun Jan 20 03:35:14 2013
With CV's we were always told just to keep to the basic fomrat. A quote I remember was don't use funny fonts or crazy colours, the likelyhood is you'll just piss people off . I think the idea was meant to be that if you had awesome contents, the fomrat wouldn't matter.I don't know what a biosketch is, I've never come across the concept before. I'm guessing it's some kind of official grant-searching. In that case I would guess just keep it in the fomrat that they want it. You don't know, it might even be electronically computer scanned and refomratted automatically, in which case changing the fomrat might just make it difficult for the computer to understand.
--Patrick Tue Sep 17 04:46:12 2013
Congratulations, a well thought idea to have this wteisbe. It's really helpful for public awareness and in particular has helped a lot in compilation of my data. The problem of teenage pregnancy is very serious. We need to address it publically however we should not forget adhering to our ethoes. Our girls are the most vulnerable group especially from the remote. TOGETHER WE CAN.
--Nicolette Thu Sep 19 12:29:20 2013
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--Potchanee Sat Feb 1 22:49:28 2014

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