new job!
Good Luck with the new job!
--/\/ick Fri Mar 19 10:56:07 2010
Congrats on the job change. I wasn't getting any 'love it' vibes from that old one. And I agree completely with you on the downsides of consulting. Having 5 years at one place has been great. Not only can you really mold things, but you're forced to take the long view regarding features and maintainability.

Still, I find it's like pushing a rug up a hill to get certain things changed. On top of that the business is too high stakes for me. Almost every thursday (when we do our releases) since 2005 has been a high stress overtime day, and that's just to damn much.

So my tenure is coming to an end at some point here. Not sure when, part of my task now is to imagine the kind of place I want to go, then start looking for it.
--Mr. Ibis Sat Mar 20 20:03:35 2010

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