hear the birds?
Don't know about Boston, but the forecast says that Chicago gets snow tomorrow. I guess we will finally get a sample of that Snopocalypse that everyone else has endured.

And why did it take me a couple seconds to get the legal size quip? For some reason, I thought it was some kind of new awesome technology, like electronic LED paper or something.
--The_Lex Fri Mar 19 18:10:08 2010
With regards to the backpack discussion - lots of beauty is based on asymmetry.

From the excellent "Ortho's all about creating Japanese gardens":

"The Japanese achieve visual balance in garden design through the use of asymmetrical balance (also called occult balance.) Alien to the Japanese is bilateral symmetry, in which the various elements are balanced in even-numbered groups of equivalent size (historically the hallmark of most formal Western design). To make each side of a garden or feature mirror the other is unthinkable. The Japanese use the subtler, more natural asymmetrical balance..."

Shoulder bags are bad for your back, though! When it comes to load-bearing, symmetry is preferable. I can't bring myself to wear a backpack, either.
--Kjersten Sat Mar 20 09:09:06 2010
The other thing is I was surprised how much I mised the convenience of just stowing a book away in a courier bag as I walk -- with a two strap backpack you don't get that...
--Kirk Sat Mar 20 10:09:58 2010
Seriously, it's very handy to have that kind of access.
--Kjersten Sat Mar 20 16:20:41 2010

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