bad, bad, charlie brown, baddest man in this whole damn town
I think you have an unhealthy obsession with finding the *perfect* doodling device.

We get it. You like to doodle. Do yourself (and mankind as a whole) a favor and run up to your local office supply store, pick up a pad of paper and some pens or pencils, and have at it.
--The people of planet Earth Tue Apr 13 21:33:49 2010
Sorry if I've become repetitive on it, jeez. (Whoa, all the people of planet Earth??)

I don't even think my standards are that high for this alleged device.

And I do doodle on paper a lot. But then I'd just be hankering for the perfect scanning device...
--Kirk Wed Apr 14 09:40:44 2010
Who are you really, btw?
--Kirk Wed Apr 14 10:01:09 2010

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