not to brag
That's a mold-breaker. Great tinhking!
--Azia Sat Apr 23 18:18:19 2011
Sex seems like its everywhere noydwaas, from TV to magazines, billboards, sign's on the highways, I don't think a day goes by where I don't see something reminding me of it. So why do people love talking about it? Sex is supposed to be a special bond between two people, I think it loses its specialism when its over used or discussed everyday. The mind tends to go numb now that its used to hearing about it. I think it's gross that people talk about it constantly, and I truly am wary about the next generation of kids exposed to so much sex. Teachers are now catching kids in middle school performing these sexual acts, I don't see how this is not disturbing. I think what makes us different from animals is that we can control our urges, but one may argue that sex is natural, natural huh? it is if your sons are doing it?, but if your daughters are doing it with multiple partners is it still natural? Why is stud a good thing and whore not so much? In my opinion both are a disgrace, if a person engages with multiple partners they are no better than animals. One of the best things about marriage is sex, having sex before marriage spoils one of the pleasures of being married. On the other hand married people are having affairs left and right and this is considered an issue. What difference does it make now that if you have sex with a different partner while your married? What if Tiger woods never had an affair, but had more than one wife? All of the sudden it would be much worse for him. I do agree that sex is a deal breaker, any sex out of marriage is disgusting.
--Maria Fri Jan 18 05:00:30 2013

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