woman, wonder!
Strange presumptions, eiednd. I would say Gloria is plenty angry right now. Perhaps not as mad as I am, but then, I am a second waver feminist revolutionary who is not on her blogroll either (though a dear friend who ran for President last year on the Free Soil ticket is, though her link is broken, I hope temporarily, due to legal problems).No wave of feminism has a corner on anger, or ideas, or ways to change the balance and meaning of power. Fourth Waver speaks of realism. Realistically, perhaps women could grab power in male ways, but if that happened, what would change? I am not looking forward to a woman President who carries on the same old politics. That was one reason I could not support Hillary Clinton. Visionary women have better ideas, and I find it highly unrealistic to think women can beat men at their own game. Politically independent women could make politics about ideas and principles, instead of who can convince the big money interests to fund a campaign.Bill Clinton, in a fund raising letter for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, made the revealing remark:But this is politics, and in politics the best ideas don't always win. You also need the best organization.That is what passes for realism in politics. Is that the model women should emulate? Obama had the best organization money could buy. Clinton blithely presumes Democrats have the best ideas, but that holds only as compared to Republicans, while Democrats have done their damnedest to ensure better ideas remain marginalized, off the table of political reality.
--Natalia Wed Mar 14 20:36:37 2012

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