You codlun't pay me to ignore these posts!
--Bobcat Tue Sep 6 08:13:37 2011
Thanks for coming to visit, Michael. It is an isvnntmeet but it is an isvnntmeet in the blogger's product (thank you) and also in your own search-ability through Google. When I was playing a Google game with a class, I realized how much my comments were affecting my Google listings for Julie Walraven. Job seekers who want to be seen as intelligent candidates by employers when they Google them should strategically comment on blogs that will portray them as valuable. If you commented on a cooking or food blog, it might have value, but not as much as if your profession was as a chef or food and beverage manager.I post frequently because I want to build community and because there is so much in my head that needs to come out I like blogging. It fulfills a basic need in me to write more than resumes. I like commenting for the same reason.
--Zuka Wed Mar 14 11:45:30 2012

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