photos from the past two days
AFAIC that's the best asnwer so far!
--Millie Tue Oct 18 17:27:28 2011
I really liked this blog today! Hoorah for Kristina!Hmmm... well, on yutboue, I am kinda like a editor I suppose. I don't know, haha. I take pictures of famous or somewhat known people, or clips of movies or tv shows and mix them together with music and add cool coloring and effects and that's how I make my videos. There is a whole little community that does this on yt. It is very fun and everyone is very nice to one another. The reason I am rambling about this is that I am saying that the videos that I make don't really attract a lot of those dumb, hateful comments. Sometimes some people may say, "Oohmehgawd, tis vidoe suxs soooo baaaad!" But basically every vidder who gets those comments ignore them and other commentors just ignore them as well. That's what I try to do. Ok, I don't know why the heck I just told you all this. Felt like rambling about my part on yt. WOOO
--Komal Wed Mar 14 02:53:38 2012
hi dali,me shy-lar to have our conversations put up in main page of your blog. I'm ralely not worthy...looks like its entering a new accumulation phase at a higher price. Notice the lack of sellers? I believe most weak holders have already been flushed out but show the current retail another 10 sen and you'll have some shares're right abt the friendly parties and their present values re placement - zakaria has already been seen in the offices of a certain local property tycoon trying to line him up. To me, its ralely not the shang holdings, datai/andaman, sg wang etc. thats valuable in landmarks.   Its the BOOKS and the NUMBERS inside that goes back all the way to Sam's days and shorty's use of it, masked under peremba, that's ralely, ralely and truly PRICELESS.Given that, shorty's still sticking to his principal of 'using everybody else's money but his own', for the time being - hence the lack of financial muscle. If however, push-comes-to-shove and if he is ralely needed to flex his little pinky, then the 4-seasons better get ready for el nino. perhaps CMY is already humming "What have YOU done for me lately?"
--Carolina Wed Mar 14 02:56:30 2012

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