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Hey Kirk, when are you going to put a "Like" button on your page?
--/\/ick Tue Jun 22 11:09:19 2010
Superb information here, ol'e chap; keep burning the mdiignht oil.
--Derex Sun Nov 27 00:05:46 2011
As Kirk's mom and dad, we respectfully rcsuee ourselves from the anecdote competition. We just have too many good ones to make a choice. But here's a fact that probably is little known yet among game bloggers: Kirk is a top-flight professional musician. His writing style on Kotaku and elsewhere clearly derives from the same internal engine that drives how he composes, arranges, and performs his music. Go to kirkhamilton.com. Check out the album and, especially, the YouTube link. The music and the blog are like two sides of the same coin.Okay, here's an anecdote: Upon learning that college for Kirk was to be the University of Miami jazz performance program essentially a conservatory within a university the lead guitar player in dad's college R&B cover band said, I can't believe you allowed him to be a musician. We all figured you'd make him be an accountant. What a waste THAT would have been!Jo and Ogden Hamilton
--Tyler Fri Jul 6 19:54:29 2012

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