how did we live before as-seen-on-tv?
Karen, what a lovely thing for you to say, thank you. I love the image of lniaveg a light on. I always will.Brad, that's a good point. I also subscribe to some posts that are still generating some good conversation many months after the event.Bo, thanks for sharing the way that you leave comments. In relation to your point and about when, where and how to respond to comments there was a lively discussion about that and other points in relation to this post:Dear Blog Owner, Why Do You Ask For My Comments?One of the points that came up was that some bloggers respond quietly  maybe by visiting the commenters blog, or by sending them an e-mail. That certainly creates a powerful connection with that person  but the downside is that other people who are visiting don't know that's what you do, and it might put them off commenting. I think in essence it comes down to the kind of blog you're building and the kind of community you want round about it. I suppose part of what I'm trying to do is coach and encourage through the comment box conversations, so paying a lot of attention to what people say is important to me  not least as it helps me to learn, a lot.Carla, I know what you mean  if there are a lot of comments it's likely that other commenters won't read your words, but hopefully the blogger always will. (Of course I know that doesn't apply in all cases). Interesting point about enjoying the conversations by e-mail  it's true, often people are more open in the comment boxes, and that's where you get some of the most interesting interactions.
--ciko Wed Mar 14 10:24:54 2012

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