t party!
Your photos are always awesome! What an eye you have. Who would think a chickpea would be worth looking at?

What camera do you use?
--Bill the Splut Sun Jun 27 12:18:31 2010
Bill, thanks for the kind words.

I've been using Canon "Powershot Digital Elphs" for almost 10 years now - and they've come along way, taking better pictures and having better battery life and getting more compact: but even from the outset, they fit in my pocket, which for a semi-aspiring amateur like me is hugely important. (I balk at having "ok this is my camera for 'good' photos, and this is my casual all the time camera" - on the flip side, I'm getting the feeling that no camera phone will be enough.) I think my current model is a battered Canon SD-1200.

Anyway, it turns out Canon's are particularly good at extremely close range stuff, so that can be fun once you learn to get the focus (nearly) right. But I have to say, thinking a chickpea worth looking at was actually EB's wifes thing- she grew it and was kinda showing it to people. (I was surprised to realize what a nice surface my cargo shorts made beneath it.)

Ah well, you flattered me and gave me an excuse to prattle on about a favorite subject, so double thanks!

--Kirk Sun Jun 27 19:56:19 2010

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