pretty colour invader rally 3d
Why can't I shoot the Invaders?!?!?!?
--The_Lex Mon Jul 19 20:05:24 2010
--tHE iNVADERS Tue Jul 20 07:51:49 2010
What? Are they trying to communicate or something? Let's shoot them!
--The_Lex Tue Jul 20 10:44:57 2010
This does look promsiing. I'll keep coming back for more.
--Randi Fri Jul 29 08:56:36 2011
This could not possibly have been more hpeflul!
--Chartric Sat Nov 26 21:10:47 2011
xhtzmm Hey, thanks for the post.Much thanks again. Much obliged.
--Adobe OEM Software Wed Mar 7 21:52:33 2012
Madan,The youth's interest in the west has to do with their need for vliatity and colour in their lives. In my humble opinion; with the exception of a handful of people who purely pursue a spiritual ideal and are following purely their soul and nothing else, most people lead a mixed life leaning as much on external things for support as within themselves, they look for support in Mind and Soul. The current generation feels a total disconnect from the embellishments of spiritual life such as rituals and rites, religions and traditions etc; which by the way have long ceased to be embellishments but are now serious ill-habits. Repeating the Gayatri Mantra hundred times a day without sincerely listening to each syllable and striving to know its meaning is to me as insincere as religious' middle-class India's terrible habit of burping out the word OM' after every grand meal! But why in the first place would the youth feel this disconnect with religion, with spiritual life? Obviously because they can't see or haven't experienced the spirit. Their common sense tells them to go after what they can see. So they turn to the west where they find colour and life. True spiritual experiences come to the patient and perseverant individuals, and therefore might for a long while not be for the masses like the Harry Potter books which appeal to the vital and the imagination alone.
--Edward Thu Nov 21 11:03:13 2013

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