i don't talk to no walls
No corrections necessary. Thanks for the chuckle.
--YELM Mon Jul 26 12:42:55 2010
That's the first iPad stickering I've ever seen. Someone else inspire you, or was it your own idea?
--The_Lex Wed Jul 28 18:29:07 2010
I've been stickering computers for a while ( http://kisrael.com/2010/01/19/ ) - actually starting with my laptop all the way back in College, 1992-ish --I guess technically here I'm just stickering the case, not the thing itself...
--Kirk Thu Jul 29 08:19:20 2010
Kinda makes me think of musicians stickering their guitar cases or something.

But again: did you come up with it yourself or were you inspired by other people when you originally start stickering your computers or computer cases?
--The_Lex Thu Jul 29 13:11:49 2010
As far as I know/remember it was my own idea...
in '92 I kind of wanted to show off a sticker I got from Portugal. With the Palm, I was kind of protesting what I thought was it's ugly longness, and also the kind of ugly bigness of the HP desktop. Then I got back into the idea of thinking that it makes a computer "more mine" or at least visually interesting. And maybe less steal-worthy.
--Kirk Thu Jul 29 14:21:25 2010
--The_Lex Thu Jul 29 20:52:51 2010
Hey, that post leeavs me feeling foolish. Kudos to you!
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