whoa! slow down, edison!
Oh young one, you should take betetr care of your body. You still have so many years ahead of you. If we do meet next summer we'll have to compare scars. I'm pretty sure I've got you beat; but then I have more than a few years on you; and I fall down at the drop of a hat.Get Izzy to roll you up in some bubble wrap.
--Sanja Sat Jul 7 09:14:11 2012
admin - Izzy's mom wrote this on facebook gotta luv it!anyone looinkg for a fantabulous photographer  Alicia will HOOK U UP! you gotta be willing to go with her flow and youll be absolutely blown away by her talents! cant believe these are pics of my bebe
--Victor Fri Jul 13 15:41:31 2012

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