what a wookie!
You have officially missed a day! Congratulations! Now you can have your life back.
--Father Time Thu Aug 26 05:56:18 2010
Love the Atari 2600 article!
--The_Lex Thu Aug 26 07:22:29 2010
Father Time, kinda true... actually I've missed 3 or so days in a row, and made it up the next day.

Amber too was encouraging me to miss days (and I had before, in both the technical and then the practical sense) but parts of my sites infrastructure kind of depend on me backfilling what I miss...
--Kirk Thu Aug 26 10:25:40 2010
AKAIK you've got the asnewr in one!
--Emmy Thu Jul 28 21:04:46 2011
I don't think that this is a good idea that paypal holds the funds until the csoeumtr receives the item, for the simple fact the csoeumtr could say that they have not gotten the item and in fact they received the item. I think that they should just leave things the way that they are.
--Narasimha Sun Nov 24 07:19:54 2013

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