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This author hit a hoeumrn by writing this. I could only imagine a lot of women are like me who hate running, but still do it or want to do it to lose weight.If you hate running but feel you need to run in order to lose weight, this is the perfect book. It gives you ways to run without having to waste hours on the treadmill. She actually designed it so it's possible you can do it all in your home too. Its quite genius how you lays that out.If you love running and run for the fun of it and like to run for a long time, then I believe this is NOT the book for you. I believe the author targeted this book for a specific kind of person someone who simply isn't into running.One of the bonus ebooks sells for $19.95 on Amazon (you can look it up), but you get it free with this ebook.The other bonus ebook sells for $2.99 on Amazon and is free with this ebook.Each of those bonus ebooks compliments the Running Sucks ebook. So for $3 for Running Sucks ebook and getting 2 other ebooks for free instead of paying another $23, this is a great buy for anyone who wants to use running to lose weight and specifically for people who don't enjoy running.
--Sofia Sat Apr 6 07:37:21 2013
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--link building Thu Oct 24 13:26:06 2013

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