lg10: the nature
That's an Osprey, sometimes called a Fish Eagle.
--xoxoxoBruce Wed Sep 15 11:35:35 2010
Cool! What a magnificent nest builder!
--Kirk Wed Sep 15 11:44:50 2010
Oh wow that is one hardcore bird.
--Darkcraft/Nick/Jesus? Fri Sep 17 09:18:17 2010
I have not seen what you state to be the case at all  you have your inairmftoon dead wrong.When one shows up early for GAs it is IMPOSSIBLE to get inairmftoon and this is true any other time you show up.It appears TUES some of these issues will get addressed. My point is simple:COMMITTEES ARE CURRENTLY STRUCTURED AS DYSFUNCTIONAL TOP-DOWN, DO-AS-YOU-ARE-TOLD entities. They do not in any way represent the 99 percent .Most, actually, literally represent NOTHING
--Mariana Tue Jan 8 07:35:36 2013

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