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Most gasoline nozzles have the latch, for the nozzle to work unattended, removed. By sticking the gas cap in the handle, you donít have to hold it while it fills the tank. But if the automatic shut off fails, itíll keep pumping all over the ground.
--xoxoxoBruce Thu Sep 16 12:14:06 2010
Oh, in the Nozzle *Handle*, not in the actual handle -- that's part of my confusion.

Massachusetts is also very nanny-state about it, so we all freeze our butts off and make our hands smell like gas because almost all gas stations remove the "hold open" latch. Gas stations that don't remove it our my favorite, right behind the gas stations in my city that, like NJ, have mandatory full service stations at pretty much selfserve prices...
--Kirk Thu Sep 16 13:22:38 2010
It's not just MA, that latch removal and the notice, are pretty much nation wide now.
--xoxoxoBruce Fri Sep 17 10:52:51 2010
Huh, for a while it was a MA-centric thing; I would remember feeling relieved getting gas in other states. (Haven't seen the notice anywhere nut NY as of yet)
--Kirk Fri Sep 17 11:11:18 2010
The latch removal is consistent, the sign is sporadic. Some stations will have signs like, 'Nozzle must not be left unattended', or Jamming nozzle handles is prohibited', etc. Evidently the signs are a result of company/station policy, rather than state rules like the latch removal.
--xoxoxoBruce Sat Sep 18 11:05:12 2010

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