the unphone?
D- ? I thought it was pretty clear. It's a tool, not a lifestyle.
--xoxoxoBruce Mon Sep 27 11:03:19 2010
Maybe a D+, Max. Unlike the ad I linked to. The first 47 seconds are just anti-phone, and anti-phone being interesting, in general -- ending with violence forcing people to get off the damn thing. The last 13 seconds suggests Windows Phone is an alternative, but barely touches on how.
--Kirk Mon Sep 27 11:45:45 2010
By not immersing yourself in iPhone apps for amusement.
--xoxoxoBruce Tue Sep 28 10:03:10 2010
It's not clear if the people are fiddling with random apps or doing the social networking stuff- the pitch at the end seems more "you can just glance at our summary screen, and you'll be LESS likely to take the time to go into the various apps" (a claim I find dubious- often when there's a hint of "message waiting") people are more likely to want to see what it is and not "this phone won't have fun, distracting apps to play with"- somehow I doubt that's the message they want to send (even if it is a bit likely!)

In short, the first 47 seconds of this commercial would work better for a cheap, non-"smart" flip-phone than anything else!
--Kirk Tue Sep 28 10:16:32 2010
Or not using a phone during those events at all!
--YELM Tue Sep 28 13:29:49 2010
But but but, YELM... I get so bored if I'm not being entertained every waking moment. ;o)
--xoxoxoBruce Tue Sep 28 20:49:33 2010

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