of the moments #1
--Bill the Splut Sun Oct 3 13:04:23 2010
NOTE:  I am NOT the aunt who scared the crap out of Kirk in Sunday School.
--YELAS Tue Oct 5 10:46:08 2010
Keep it coming, wtirers, this is good stuff.
--Buffy Sat Dec 10 15:13:01 2011
What an AMAZING day that you blessed us with Absolutely PERFECT work!!! You truly are AMAZING at what you do!!! You carutped the sweetest pics of us and created a moment that we will never forget I can't wait to do Miss Isabella's newborn pics with you And of course the Real Horses comment made the afternoon so much fun Only I would really say that, hee hee  We can't express our thanks enough You totally ROCK at what you do!!!XoXo,Kristy
--Hisham Mon Mar 4 20:52:02 2013

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