lyte funky ones: an analysis of "summer girls"
My primary thought on this song is that it was pandering to the girls who shopped at Abercrombie and Fitch, and likely sponsored by them as well. I remember hearing/seeing this song about the time that I made the formative stance that good looks do not good musicians make.

I remember this tome floating up about the time that Backstreet was floundering and noted that it made a weird bridge between the post-alternative resurgence of pop music and the elision into soon-after popular rap-rock.

Catchy, yes, but redundant and often droll. It has never made it to one of my playlists and it pains me now as I attempt to listen to it again in its entirety.
--Samuel Kent Mon Oct 11 11:09:17 2010
"I wonder if the implication is she's the Larry Bird of Summer Girls?"
At the Jersy shore, CA, or FL, it would make her from out of town, just here for the summer.
--xoxoxoBruce Mon Oct 11 13:57:40 2010
who the FUCK introduced you to that awful bit of shite and where do they live?
Someone needs an ass whipping for bringing your attention to this song.
I now need to go clean out my ears.
--cmg Tue Oct 12 00:29:19 2010
Sam: interesting point about the possibility of it being a paid product plug. I'm always naive about that kind of thing. Re: good looks... for me the lesson is less about looks (are they that handsome?) and more how a super-catchy song can just be nearly destroyed by terrible, terrible lyrics.

cmg: Chill out, Spartacus! Yeesh. It's still a catchy song.

It's interesting comparing this to Will Smith's "Summertime", which does a bit less namedropping and is much more thematically consistent.
--Kirk Tue Oct 12 08:30:21 2010

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