tuba weekend day 1
Well, I loved the image, the expression on the giant's face is priceless. Now who else can I send a tuba player to, Bruce Springsteen wasn't interested.
--xoxoxoBruce Sun Nov 7 09:43:56 2010
Heh, no I really appreciate the tuba images!

There should be a word for when someone always sends links on a particular topic to a specific person- Miller always sends me Star Wars, I always send my friend who writes on Manolo For The Bride wedding-ish links she mighta missed. "Topic Link Buddy" doesn't have such a ring to it
--Kirk Sun Nov 7 10:06:54 2010
Oh-shit-him-again, has a nice ring to it.
--xoxoxoBruce Sun Nov 7 19:41:21 2010
heh, but I like it
--Kirk Sun Nov 7 19:50:06 2010
(it's like my own custom filterbots!)
--Kirk Mon Nov 8 09:12:58 2010

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